Is There A Cure For Gum Disease? What About Natural Remedies?

Is There A Cure For Gum Disease? – What About Natural Remedies?

Having gum disease can be a devastating situation. Many medications can be prescribed, but there are also natural cures for gum disease that you can try. These remedies are not only helpful in curing gum disease but can also help to keep your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime.

Guava leaf mouthwash

Among the different types of mouthwashes, guava leaf mouthwash is considered adequate for patients with oral problems. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to cure oral infections. Moreover, it is cost-effective and easy to use.

Guava leaf mouthwash is used to cure oral problems such as gingivitis, swollen gums, and ulcers. It has been shown to reduce plaque on the surface of the teeth. A small number of leaves should be crushed and mixed with boiling water. After the leaves have been mixed, a small amount of distilled water should be added. This mixture should be used for at least a minute.

Guava leaf mouthwash

Guava leaf mouthwash has been shown to reduce plaque, gum inflammation, and bleeding. The mouthwash can be used two to three times a day. It is also used as a natural remedy to relieve toothaches. The mouthwash can be applied after brushing the teeth.

The effectiveness of guava L mouth rinse was evaluated in a double-blind, randomised study. The study was conducted following the Helsinki Declaration of 1975. A total of 60 subjects were randomly assigned to the three groups.

Two groups of subjects received guava L mouth rinse, and the other received chlorhexidine mouth rinse. Both groups showed notable changes in the parameters. The guava mouth rinse group showed a gradual reduction in plaque score, plaque index, PI, microbial colony forming units, and antioxidant status. However, the chlorhexidine mouth rinse group did not show any change in the parameters.

A clinical trial was conducted to evaluate guava leaf extract-based mouthwash’s antimicrobial and antioxidant properties in patients suffering from chronic generalised gingivitis. The study involved subjects with moderate to severe gingivitis. The clinical parameters were measured at 30, 60, and 90 days.

Clove oil

Clove oil, a natural remedy for gum disease, can help reduce swelling, discomfort, and bad breath. Clove oil contains eugenol, an ingredient that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It can also work as a toothache remedy.

While the benefits of clove oil are numerous, it’s essential to use the right amount for your needs. It can be done by combining essential oil with a carrier oil. An excellent neutral carrier oil such as olive oil works well. The carrier oil will help to mask the taste of the clove oil.

Loose Teeth From Periodontal Disease

Clove oil is used to treat toothaches, gum disease, and cavities. It contains eugenol, an ingredient that acts as an anaesthetic. It has also been found to have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

It is also known to stimulate the growth of new gum tissue, which can help ward off disease-causing bacteria. It also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also be used to treat mouth ulcers.

Clove oil is only sometimes recommended by dentists. They advise against using it on babies and children. It’s essential to visit a dentist or oral surgeon when dealing with dental problems.

Clove oil is an effective toothache remedy, but you’ll want to consult a dental professional before using it. If your toothache has been bothering you for more than a few days, it could signify a deeper problem.

Clove oil is a disinfectant and antibacterial substance but can also treat other oral ailments. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can also help with bleeding. It can also help reduce the pain of a broken tooth.

Saltwater rinses

Using saltwater rinses for gum disease can help improve your overall oral health. It can help prevent infections and reduce the pain associated with toothaches. It can also soothe sore throats. However, saltwater rinses should not be used in place of proper oral hygiene.

How To Cure Gum Disease Without A Dentist?

Saltwater rinses help fight infections, reduce inflammation, and remove bacteria. They can also loosen food stuck in between teeth. They can also heal cuts in the mouth. However, you should consult your dentist before using saltwater rinses. They can irritate your gums, and if you use too much salt, you can damage your enamel.

You can also use a saltwater rinse to help soothe canker sores. There are unique products available that are made with specially formulated ingredients to treat the problem. They are also backed by scientific research.

Saltwater rinses can also help you heal gum disease. They can help reduce inflammation, which can alleviate some of the pain associated with gum disease. They can also kill bacteria in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. They can also help you prevent infections after a dental procedure.

Coenzyme Q10

Several studies have shown that Coenzyme Q10 (also called ubiquinol) may be an effective natural remedy for gum disease. It is an antioxidant and has decreased bleeding in the gums. It may also be effective in promoting faster healing. It also increases the amount of energy produced in the cells.

CoQ10 is a natural antioxidant that plays a vital role in cellular energy production. It also helps the body react to oxidative stress and free radical damage. It is essential for the health of virtually all human tissues.

Natural Cure For Gum Disease

The researchers found that CoQ10 decreased probing depth and bleeding during the evaluation. It also showed significant reductions in gingival fluid flow. The researchers also found that CoQ10 decreased peptidase activity in periodontal pathogens.

The researchers also found that CoQ10 reduced oxidative stress and helped stabilise calcium-dependent channels. It may also improve insulin secretion. It also helped promote faster healing of the gums.

Oil pulling

Using oil to improve gum health is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. It is an excellent way to fight off bacteria and freshen your breath.

Oil pulling is a ritual that involves swishing oil in and around your mouth for up to 20 minutes. Some claim that it helps clean your teeth and prevent cavities.

Cure Gum Disease At Home

Oil pulling is said to work by killing the microorganisms in your mouth that cause gum disease and plaque buildup. It may also stimulate saliva production.

The oil used in oil pulling is derived from coconut oil. It contains lauric acid, which kills bacteria and prevents tooth decay. It also has antioxidants. It’s also said to be safe.

Although several studies claim that oil pulling is the best way to clean your teeth, there is little evidence to back up the claims.

There’s no scientific proof that oil pulling can prevent cavities. It’s also not a cure for gingivitis.


1. What is Cure For Gum Disease?

Cure For Gum Disease is a natural remedy that effectively treats gum disease.

2. How do I use Cure For Gum Disease?

Cure For Gum Disease can be used topically or orally, depending on the severity of your gum disease.

3. Will Cure For Gum Disease cure my gum disease?

Cure For Gum Disease is an effective treatment, but please consult your doctor to ensure this is the proper treatment.


Oil pulling using coconut oil is a great way to fight gum disease and plaque buildup. It’s also a natural alternative to brushing and flossing. While there is debate over the effectiveness of oil pulling, it’s said to be safe and help freshen your breath. 

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